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Mount Doreen and Lucy Creek are located in central Australia within the North Australian Craton, which extends across much of northern Australia. The craton includes localised Archean inliers and orogenic domains  overlain by widespread and locally thick sedimentary basins. Central Australia has a strong metallogeny and diverse mineral occurrences, with numerous historic mines and significant deposits that include gold, copper, uranium, rare earth elements (REE), tungsten, vanadium, phosphate, and garnet.

Mount Doreen Project

The Mount Doreen project lies within the Aileron Province of the Arunta Region. The Arunta Region is characterised  by sedimentation in varied environments, episodic deformation, moderate to high grade metamorphism, and bimodal magmatism. The Aileron Province comprises metasedimentary successions including subordinate metavolcanic and volcaniclastic rocks. The province contains units that are considered to be direct stratigraphic correlatives of units in the Tanami and Tennant Regions.

The Aileron Province hosts a variety of orthomagmatic, syngenetic, and epigenetic mineralisation. Nickel‐copper‐cobalt mineralisation  is  associated  with  mantle‐derived mafic‐ultramafic intrusions. Syngenetic mineralisation forms with sedimentation and includes inferred volcanic associated massive sulphides (VMS, VAMS), Broken Hill‐type deposits, and some vein‐related carbonate replacement deposits. Epigenetic mineralisation is a variety of stratabound and cross‐cutting mineralisation that postdate the formation of the host rock assemblage, including intrusion‐related breccia, vein and skarn mineralisation.

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Lucy Creek Project

The Lucy Creek project lies within the Georgina Basin, which is part of the Centralian Superbasin. The Georgina Basin is a polyphase intracratonic basin containing unmetamorphosed Cryogenian to Devonian sedimentary rocks. To the south, the contact with the Aileron Province is a steep southside‐up thrust fault system. The southern Georgina Basin contains several styles of copper and lead‐zinc base metal mineralisation. These include Mississippi Valley‐type (MVT), stratiform sediment‐hosted and sandstone hosted types. Sedimentary or secondary manganese deposits are also present in the basin as well as large Cambrian sedimentary phosphate deposits in carbonates.

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